First Day of Autumn 2010 Nature Walk

We try and go on a nature walk the first day of every new season.  We have been doing it for at least two years now.  We take pictures of things on our walk, and we collect items such as horse chestnuts, leaves, etc., in our baskets to bring home (this year with the treasures they collected they made beautiful wreaths which I'll post about later this week).  Also, I take pictures of my children so I can record not only how the seasons are changing, but how my dear children are growing.

This year since autumn didn't "officially" start until 8:09 at night here on the 22nd, we went for our nature walk on Thursday, September 23rd.  Here are some pictures from our walk. . .

Common snowberries!
I think snowberries are so pretty!
(picture taken by my older son)

Snowberries (picture taken by my older son)
Looking at douglas spirea
(picture taken by my oldest son)
Most of the douglas spirea has turned brown now.
My favorite black cottonwood trees
A horse chestnut (not the kind of chestnut to eat!)
The lake had hardly any birds on it. I wonder where they were!?
(My younger daughter took this picture)
I think these are autumn crocuses
Autumn crocuses are very poisonous and do not have an antidote,
so have your children look at them from a distance.
Though very poisonous, they sure are beautiful!

Maple leaves!


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