Meerkats at the Point Defiance Zoo

(I wrote this entry back in August and am only now finally posting it! Yesterday I posted my second haiku. In this post you will see my first one. ;) By the way, if you like haiku, you must visit the great blog called My Year in Haiku. :-))

My daughter, Windchime, has been trying to encourage me to write a haiku for quite awhile now, but I've felt intimidated by them. I'm afraid I'm not very poetic. I decided to give it a shot this afternoon, and here's my awesome haiku (haha!). It was actually fun, though. Maybe writing a haiku is not so scary after all.

poor me I have a
meerkat sitting on my head
feeling terribly resigned

Camera Critters


  1. Aww so adorable! You have to wonder what the poor guy in the bottom did to deserve that treatment.

  2. Cool photos of the meeerkat. Poor critter is getting crushed from one of the others sitting on him.

  3. Oh what a delightfully funny shot!

  4. oh, so adorable!!!!!
    love your caption too :-)


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