The Lone Tree at Chambers Creek Properties

Back on August 22nd our family went for a walk on the Environmental Services Area Trails on Chambers Creek Properties (CCP) in University Place, WA. Last night we visited CCP again, all the trails were open this time (back in August a couple trails were closed temporarily for a special golf event), so we got to walk on the Soundview Trail. It is two miles long (and seemed longer). Their website rates it at the "difficult" level on the difficult scale (it has steep grades). The trail is smoothly paved, very well-maintained, and the views are spectacular.

The trail goes through the Chambers Bay Golf Course, and when you enter that section there are signs warning you of the possibility of being hit by a golf ball, and that if you enter that area you are responsible for your own safety and if you don't agree to turn around.

Another concern was we found we needed to watch out for skate-boarders.  The evening we were there we saw a group of about three of them traveling very fast down the a couple steep inclines.  I felt it was very dangerous for us, especially my little ones, and had my children walk off to the side of the path in case they decided to come by again.

It's such a beautiful place, though, and I'm going to share now one of the pretty views we saw, and share some other views later this week. One of the places impressed upon our minds was hill with the lone tree. When we saw it my older daughter mentioned how she wondered if that was tree she had read about that someone started cutting down, but that it had been rescued. So I looked it up, and sure enough, that is the tree. Over two years ago, back in 2008 during a night in April, according to The News Tribune, someone "hacked an 18-inch-long, 8-inch-deep gash into the fir." They weren't sure it was going to make it, but when we saw it last evening, it looked wonderful.

Here are some pictures of it:


  1. Wonderful photos... I rarely make it to the Seattle side of the Sound... sad it is so close... thanks for stopping by and checking our Cats Meow!

  2. What a beautiful tree and a wonderful view.
    It's a very good thing that the tree didn't get cut down.


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