Hearts at Seeley Lake Park

The other day close to sunset we went for a quick walk around the 1.3 mile trail at Seeley Lake Park in Lakewood, Washington (I'll try and do a longer blog about that park soon).  The light wasn't very good, and because we wanted to get through it before it got much darker, we couldn't stop for very long to look at things as we walked through park, but my little ones spotted a few hearts.  ♥

My little boy spotting an ivy heart!

Ivy heart!

Fallen leaf hearts

A fallen leaf heart, and there are hearts
on my younger daughter's flipflops, too!
(sorry for the blurriness!)
♥ For more hearts visit Guest Heart Thursday. ♥


  1. I absolutely love how you involve your entire family in the seeking of hearts. I look forward to your Guest Heart Thursday posts every week! I'm glad you shared these wonderful hearts with us this week.
    P.S. - I am SO envious of those flip flop hearts! :=}

  2. What a fun family activity and such a sweet collection of hearts. Love those flip flop ♥'s!
    ☼ Sunny

  3. Once again, I do love your idea. And your amazing hearts.
    Thank you so much.


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