Half an Hour at Saltar's Point Beach

Yesterday evening after participating in International Rock Flipping Day, we went for a trip to Saltar's Point Beach. We got there late in the evening, so we only stayed for about half an hour. Actually it wasn't really late in the day time-wise, but, because the days are getting shorter, when we arrived it was close to the time when the sun goes down. It was so nice and peaceful at the beach, and Saltar's Point is such a wonderful place to watch the sunset!  Here are some pictures from our visit.

(You can see Chambers Bay in the far distance to the left.)

(My son is crawling on the log (I love his cute toes!),
and my daughters are looking for sea glass.

Big or small, islands are fun!

(picture taken by my older son)

The moon!
(In the background beyond the building is a
 marina that burned down on October 9, 2009.)

Yayh, the train!!

Here is the sunset (I'm sorry the video quality is not better!). . .


  1. this surely was a great day. magnificent photos.

    Thank you for the visit/comment.
    May you and your lovely family enjoy your day.



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