Autumn Wreaths

Back on September 14th I wrote up a list of autumn nature crafts that I'd like to do with my children in the next month.  One of the things on the list was making an autumn wreath.  Well, I'm happy to say that we can cross that one off the list because it's been done! My children each made an autumn wreath, by putting treasures from nature collected on a nature walk on an undecorated wreath, and the wreaths all turned out beautifully. 

They made their autumn wreaths after our First Day of Autumn Nature Walk 2010 last week.  They used natural treasures such as maple seeds, maple leaves, garry oak leaves, coast redwood cones, douglas fir cones, horse chestnuts, and dried out oceanspray that they found on the nature walk to decorate their wreaths.  With my younger two I gave them a little direction (my youngest child more than his older sister) and asked them to arrange the leaves and such on their wreaths in the way they would like them to look and that I would glue them on with the hot glue gun.  My older two made their wreaths on their own.

Here are the autumn wreaths my older daughter, younger daughter, and younger son made.  My older son made his on a different day, and I haven't gotten a good picture of it yet, but I will soon!  I think they are all  wonderfully decorated wreaths, and I'm so very pleased to have them hung up as autumn decorations.  They did such a good job. ♥

Oh, I want to mention, too, that I purchased all the wreaths for this project at a local thrift store for a really, really good price!  Yayh! So this was a low-cost craft.  I just need to buy more glue sticks now. :-)

My younger daughter's autumn wreath

My younger son's autumn wreath

My older daughter's autumn wreath
And watch for my older son's wreath! I should post a picture of it soon. :-)


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