Harbor Seals at Point Defiance Zoo 2

Back on September 1st we went to Point Defiance Zoo to see the new red wolves' exhibit, Red Wolf Woods, and before and after we saw the red wolves we also visited some of the other animals at the zoo.  The evening had such a special feel to it.  We enjoyed seeing the red wolves so much, and seeing the other animals felt special, too, because for some reason that evening they seemed to be easier to see -- for instance, the harbor seals were coming and sitting out of the water more than we had seen in the past. We are guessing their different behavior (at least to us it seemed different) was perhaps because their schedule was unique that evening since the zoo stayed open later than usual. Whatever it was, it was sure neat for us.

The pictures of these harbor seals were all taken by my 11-year-old son. 

Coming out of the water. . . 

Going into the water. . .

Sitting on the sidelines. . .
This seal sat there as cool as a cucumber.  At first he was so still
we thought he looked like a statue. Isn't he cute? 

~* I thought the water in these pictures
looked so cool and refreshing! If you'd
like to see more "watery" pictures,
visit Watery Wednesday. *~


  1. Lovely pictures! It looks as he's laughing on the last one :)

  2. If I could read a seal’s mind, I would guess they really are quite content in these waters. How nice to see them up close and personal. Lovely shots!

  3. The last photo - the seal looks like he is smiling! I love watching them go in and out of the water!


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