International Rock Flipping Day

*WARNING! If you do not like creepy crawlies, you will not like this post!*

Yesterday, September 12, 2010, was International Rock Flipping Day, the day where people from all over the world lift up rocks (or cement blocks, etc.) to see what's underneath and share their findings!  :-)

My family participated in this even for the first time this year.  Each of my four children carefully checked under more than one rock in our yard.  We didn't see creatures under every rock, but we saw some under most. Here are the results of what creatures we found under the rocks. . .

Sitting around the first chosen rock in anticipation. . .

My older daughter lifting our first rock. . .

A nest of ants!
As soon as the rock was lifted, the ants
started carrying their babies to safety.
(I felt so bad for disturbing them!)
(closeup of above picture)

In this picture you can see ants on the right and on the left!

Closeup of ants on the left

Closeup of ants on the right

My daughter gently laid the rock back down.
(my son took this picture)

My younger daughter reaching to lift a rock
(and my older son capturing the moment!)
At first we didn't see anything. . .

Then we saw a little centipede!

My younger daughter lifted this one up. . .

Another ant nest!

(Closeup of above picture)

Different view -- you can see a pill bug in this one!

My younger son really wanted to pick this one up. . .

Underneath. . .


A slug!

My older son lifted this one. . .

Creepy webs. . .


Notice how carefully my son is holding the stone
with the tip of his finger.

My older son picking up another rock. . .

He found a slug underneath!
(he took this picture)

My older daughter lifting a rock. . .

My older son took this photo of me taking a picture.

It looks like this one has a pill bug and an earthworm under it.

My younger son picked up this rock, and then
VERY quickly put it back down.
Here's why. . .


We had a really fun time! To see more findings from other rock flippers, visit International Rock Flipping Day, 2010

Also, if you'd like to visit more families enjoying the outdoors visit 5 Orange Potatoes' Outdoor Monday. ♥


  1. What neat discoveries you made! I didn't even know there was such a day. We'll have to get in on the fun next year : -)

  2. Sounds like you guys had a blast! This is what IRFD is all about.


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