Our Twig and Maple Seed Dragonflies

Last Tuesday I listed ten autumn nature crafts that I wanted to remember to do with my children. Yesterday we made twig and maple seed dragonflies. I collected small twigs (for the body) from a beach, and my children and I collected the maple seeds (for the wings) from a park. We purchased the glass beads (for the eyes), tacky glue (to attach the wings and the eyes), glitter glue (we chose yellow glitter glue to put on the wings to make them shiny), and clear jewelry cord (to hang up the dragonflies) from Michaels. I didn't have very much glue for the hot glue gun, so most of us made our dragonflies using regular tacky glue, and that worked fine, but hot glue dries much faster of course.

Here are the dragonflies my children made :-) They are hanging on branches in the little nature table area in our dining room.
My younger son's dragonfly flying in front of the harvest moon.
My younger daughter's dragonfly flying nearby.
My older son's dragonfly circling near the light of the sunset.
My older daughter's dragonfly in the shadows nearby.


  1. those are really cool! I might have to tell my niece and nephew about them...how fun!


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