Sunday is International Rock Flipping Day!!

Hey, don't forget! Tomorrow, September 12, 2010, is International Rock Flipping Day (IRFD)! So go out and carefully look under one rock or many rocks and see what you find underneath. Take a photo or video or draw a picture and write about what you found in prose, poetry, song, etc., and share with us on your blog about your adventure. Then email the link to your blog post for IRFD to the coordinator, wanderinweeta [at] gmail [dot] com. You can also post your findings to the official Rock Flipping Day Group on Flickr.

Remember to put the rock back carefully and in as close to the the exact same spot as you can so as to not hurt the little creatures living underneath. Where our family lives we don't really have any dangerous creatures to watch for that I can think of, but it's good to be careful. Be sure to be cautious and watchful for poisonous animals such as scorpions if you live in an area that has such creatures. They recommend wearing gloves.

This will be our first year participating in International Rock Flipping Day, but we've looked under things in our yard many times to see what we could find. This should be fun! :-)

If you want to see what it's like, here's a link to the page on Wanderin' Weeta's website with last year's entries: IRFD 2009.

International Rock-Flipping Day, Grassy Knoll


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