Sunnyside Beach on the Last Day of Summer

My older daughter recently expressed that she'd like to visit Sunnyside Beach again soon. It sounded like a super idea to me! I checked our calendar, looked at the tides schedule, and talked with a friend to figure out the best time to meet there.

Well, we went to Sunnyside Beach yesterday, and amazingly the weather was very pleasant (the beach lived up to it's name!).  We had a really good time.  It turned out to be a wonderful activity for the last day of summer (autumn started yesterday at 8:09 PM!).

Here are some things we saw. . . 

I think this is the shell of a chiton

I think this one might be a frilled dogwinkle.

My older son just loved this crab.
(My older son took this picture.)
Close-up of the above picture.

These were hanging to a rock.  The way they hung there reminded me of tiny stalactites!  I can't figure out what they are.

A beautiful (empty) shell of a moon snail.

In this picture my older son is holding something interesting he found. He called it a "prehistoric hammer." ;)
(Picture taken by my older son.)
A tiny little crab my older daughter found.

Sea glass and other treasures


  1. Wow! What an amazing collection of beachy creatures and things! I think we'd have to travel pretty far to see so much nature at a beach. :)


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