Heart on a Black Locust Tree

Though not native to the Pacific Northwest, I really like black locust trees. I'll probably do a post about them soon. One of the neat things about them is the deep furrows in their bark. I found this heart while we were at the park earlier this week.

upside down heart

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  1. wonderful find!!! I love this heart, it feels like an invitation to come closer to the heart of the tree...I imagine it has quite a few stories to tell.

  2. What a perfectly magnificent heart! WOW--and I love the fissured bark of this wonderful old tree--just perfect for Guest Heart Thursday!

    Happy GHT!

  3. I don't remember seeing black locust trees, but I probably have and didn't realize it. And what a wonderful heart! Don't you just love upside-down hearts? They are so fun.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful heart on Guest Heart Thursday!

  4. beautiful heart... love the bark of the tree...


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