Rainy Walk aka It Sure Looks Like Fall!

Autumn starts in three more weeks! You can feel and smell it in the air. The mornings are getting cooler. The leaves are beginning to change colors and fall. Yesterday it rained and it was windy, and today the sky is gray. I just looked at the weather forecast, and according to that we'll have quite a bit of sun coming up in the next couple weeks. I'm glad the change from season to season is gradual, at least overall it's gradual, though sometimes I'm taken by surprise.

Here are some pictures from the rainy walk my older son and I went on yesterday. . .

My older son took this picture.  See the rain drops on the lens?
I haven't figured out what type of flower this is yet.

Another picture taken by my older son with rain drops on it! :-)
The picture is of a garry oak tree.

The spider pictures were taken by my older son, too.
Though he didn't get any clear shots, the spider looks cool!
My younger son said that the blurriness makes the spider more creepy.

My older son took this picture of tall Oregon grape (Mahonia aquifolium).
There is also common st. john's wort (hypericum perforatum)
(dying -- they are the brown plants in the middle) in the picture.

(picture taken by me)
This picture has Oregon grape, st. john's wort (dying), and bracken ferns in it.

(picture taken by me)
I love the way Ocean Spray (Holodiscus discolor) changes color this time of year.

(picture taken by me)
Rain and a fallen leaf in a puddle!

"She calls it "stick season," this slow disrobing of summer,
leaf by leaf, till the bores of tall trees rattle and scrape in the wind."

- Eric Pinder


  1. That spider does look really cool, and big too. Spiders can sometimes be a little scary, but that's what makes them so cool.


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